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One of the excellent benefits of WordPress plugins is that developers have written thousands of plugins you can install on your website. Plugins are things that can make essential changes to your website, such as turning a WordPress site into a working eCommerce store and giving the best price guaranteed to the customers.

As you get more familiar with WordPress, you’ll probably see people telling you not to run a lot of WordPress plugins to avoid “simplifying your site.” But, as an amateur, you probably don’t have the information to analyze the effect of each part.

This blog is a collection of WP installation tips that all WordPress installers should follow.

#1. Be Specific

With almost 58,000 WordPress plugins on the official plugin list, finding the right one for your WordPress site can be challenging. That’s why you need to know precisely how to choose the best WordPress plugin for your creation. There are several essential aspects that you should consider when choosing plugins for your website.

Unless you partner with a WordPress developer, you may not know some hidden features within the WordPress theme that can help you accomplish many website tasks. We like to call them the “little hidden gems” in the core of WordPress.

These “treasures” can help you add the functionality you need or find the right solution to achieve your desired results.

If there is a well-written section of CSS or JavaScript code, it is better to consider embedding it in your WordPress website design and avoid adding plugins and codes that usually do the same job.

#2. Plugin’s reputation

Generally, you want to use plugins with a rating of at least four stars or higher. Try to find more detailed and well-balanced reviews and go into depth on website usability and plugin functionality.

Carefully read all the developers’ comments on the website using plugins and check the total amount. You should choose a product with good reviews to be fully utilized in practice. In addition, you must ensure that the installation complies with the following WordPress standards.

#3. Plugin Maintenance

Find out if the author maintains the installer and fixes possible problems, as well as if he answers questions.

For any plugins you want to use, ensure they are updated to match the latest version of WordPress. Avoid plugins that have not been updated in at least a year because installing them can lead to severe problems.

#3. Reputation of Developers

Certified or reliable industrial installation. By clicking on the name of a plugin author, you will see the number of plugins they have developed and whether they have contributed to WordPress.

Check how many support issues they have allowed and look for information about them to see if they have a support record and if they or their company website approve it.

Beware of developers who only list one plugin and don’t participate in sponsored campaigns. This is not a bad sign, but you should be more careful when using their plugin, and we encourage you to do your due diligence.

#4. Plugin Description

Regardless of where you download the plugin, the description should be clear and detailed and include an FAQ section. In addition to having an example, the plugin’s functionality can also help you better understand ​​how to do the work you want.

#5. Active Installs

In general, if many people use a plugin, it reduces the likelihood of problems. However, be aware that some plugins provide certain WordPress features that can result in low plugin counts. The bottom line is that you must pay close attention to ads, reviews, and other things discussed above.

Pro Tip: Use a Managed Hosting Provider

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting solution specifically designed for WordPress. This ensures that your website will always work without effort. Managed hosting is best suited for large businesses and businesses because of its high security and performance.

Your Internet access and server time are critical to your online success. Today, any sudden emergency means a reduction in sales and production. This can damage your brand and significantly affect your site’s ranking in the SERPs.

Yes, shared and VPS hosting is cheaper than managed WordPress hosting, but if you encounter problems, it may take a few days for these teams to email you back and check the issue. Right now, you may be losing sales and leads.

Reliable and well-informed media company investing in new technologies. Its state-of-the-art collection can meet all requirements and provide unrivaled online performance.

A managed WordPress hosting plan offers an easy way to update WordPress themes and plugins. A well-managed WordPress host will manage automatic updates for you. Our experts will keep your software updated and analyze the impact of updates on your website through automated post-update testing.

Security is one of the most significant benefits of managed WordPress hosting. In most cases, shared hosting companies will not help you much if you are attacked or faced with bad problems. However, when you partner with WordPress-managed hosting, software updates are regular, and with a dedicated hosting environment, your website is protected from hackers, bots, and other security issues.


The performance of your WordPress website is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of your business today. This is important because it can model how your brand does business and may be one thing you can promote in a competitive market.

A website is the first point of contact between your business and customer; if it performs poorly, you won’t be able to convert. If your WordPress website design has a great UX and provides access to what they need, you can find and keep a customer for a lifetime.

Your WordPress site should be functional and interactive. Users should be told how to navigate and get back on track if they get lost. So, do you need to know helpful tips for developing WordPress plugins to create plugins that will be useful and successfully attract visitors?

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