AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end web application development. It lies in the top front-end frameworks along with React.js and Vue.js. It is mostly maintained by the Google community and is used for building JavaScript based web applications. It is flexible and highly-extensible. Various tools are now available for application development using AngularJS. Here, we have listed 12+ AngularJS Tools for Developers. These tools can help you be more productive while building applications with AngularJS

Developing with AngularJS requires tools for debugging and development, just like any other application building framework. You need tools for writing, debugging, checking and developing AngularJS applications. These AngularJS tools for developers are widely popular and highly used for building top-notch apps. They help you to be efficient while working with Angular. Without these, AngularJS development wouldn’t be as fun as it is. If you a web developer, you should have these among your development tools.

AngularJS Developers Tools make our lives easier by improving the quality of code. Hence using the best text editors, debugging tools, IDEs, development tools, and testing aids is a brilliant idea. If you do not use such tools for AngularJS development, you would stop leveraging your full potential.


Provides a testing environment for the Node.js projects. It works whenever java scripts are implemented. Jasmine is an open-source Angular development tool used for testing. The USP of Jasmine is that it can run on any JavaScript-empowered stage. Jasmine utilizes BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) as well as utilizing it for TDD (Test-Driven Development). It forms a perfect duo with Karma. Testing and debugging become easy when you have these two Angular development tools in your arsenal.


It is a Node.JS program that is built over a web driver. JS protractor works on real browsers that also provide the end to end testing solutions. It is the test structure that works from the start till the finish. This is among the best Angular built tools, which is based on web driver JS. It performs the test in a simple program combining the applications as an ordinary client would. Protractor is developed by Google.

It is an exceptional and the most automated Angular testing tool designed by the Angular team. Protractor naturalist synchronizes your tests to the page. It is compatible with Jasmine, Selenium, Moka, and Node.JS


It is one of the best AngularJS IDE and text. Its gears are oiled for all other modern technology successors. Developers prefer using Webstrom editors commonly. WebStorm is an incredible Angular development tool for coding. Worked by JetBrains as an IDE, WebStorm accompanies a pre-introduced Dart module.

An exceptionally interesting element that WebStorm offers is you can show your code going live without expecting to visit or refresh your page. WebStorm is an Angular live editorial manager that is appropriate for CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. This Angular development tool passes on module packages prior to bringing in the Angular content of your project.


Testing is among the most critical steps of a project development cycle. Using tools like Karma, this process becomes fast and easy. Using this test runner, you can test your JS projects and the projects being developed using different JS frameworks.

Karma supports unit, E2E, and Midway testing. You can try stimulating your projects on various browsers and mobile screens with the help of Karma. So if you wish to stay assured about your project’s compatibility with different other devices and browsers, Karma should be your first choice from now on.

This tool is jQuery independent which provides programmers flexibility. This Angular Development tool also supports mentions and macros widgets. In this way, for any component and selectable content data sources, you can directly apply

Sublime Text

Coding may be a tiring task, especially when you have a lot of codes to generate. Noting down the code on a notepad shall not work sometimes. It would help if you had a customizable text editor which allows you to organize your multiple projects.

Sublime text is the foremost choice of developers in this case.

The package ecosystem and powerful API of this customizable editor is a bonus to developers. It allows you to perform split editing, typical palate, project switching, definition checking, etc. It works very well for AngularJS projects and much more.


It is a component-rich JavaScript test system that keeps running on node.js and the browser and permits asynchronous testing making it adaptable with announcing and mapping. Mocha.js is an Angular testing framework that runs on the browser and node.js for all intents and purposes.

For reporting and planning, this JS considers the nonconcurrent testing and makes it adaptable for the accuracy terms. It is most appropriate for AngularJS developers on the beginners level and is ideal for training too.


Most of the end-users are using Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari as their web browsers nowadays. Hence it is indispensable for the developers to test their projects properly from these browsers before launching. Ng-Inspector comes as a browser extension for all the above-discussed browsers.

With the help of this tool, you can debug, test, and comprehend the issues which are present in your AngularJS application. It adds an inspector pen to your respective browser, making it easy for you to test the project. It keeps a check on the directives, hierarchy, etc., in real-time. You may even hover over DOM elements and check their updates.

Angular Fire

It provides flexible API and 3-way data binding, and rapid development capabilities ease development. This helps to easily develop the back end of your Angular app.

This is a backend Angular development tool that facilitates dynamic API features and superior development capacity that easily manages binary data files like images, videos, and blobs and offers synchronized real-time binding.


This development tool saves you from an intense headache that disturbs you from using content development. For your web app, based on AngularJS, you can use Djangular. Setting up this tool is simple and easy. It uses Django and angular that lets you create content for your current angular application. It is advisable to use Djangular and create content for your project according to your needs rather than integrating each project with Django separately.

You can also create different names and faces and force a constant content structure for your applications. The security standards of your application also increase when you use this tool as it enables the CSPF protection protocol.

Angular Batarang

Angular Batarang is another application testing browser-extension for Chrome. It features developing and debugging tools which are integrated into the Chrome Developer Tools.

Angular UI

Angular UI provides various UI components for easy application development. It provides modules in the form of directives. These directives allow you to add services and modules to your web applications. Angular UI features directives for Bootstrap, Google Maps, Grid Layout, Routing and many more.

The suite has almost 26 modules. Rather than using the one which adds, you shall use the road directives from these modules to speed up your code generation. For instance, you may use the UI bootstrap module to leverage its components’ power in an AngularJS project. Similar to this, the modules like slider, uploaded, sortable, Google maps work according to their names to add different UI elements to your project.


These are some of the finest AngularJS development tools that every developer should refer to and many developers would recommend, If you are just starting with your AngularJs development or any endeavor is set to Hire AngularJs developers those set of tools are going to make their developing experience smooth and cake way throughout the process.